Tomislav Gotovac: Paranoia View Art

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Pozivnica za izložbu Tomislav Gotovac; Paranoia View Art 1956-1986. Retrospektiva dokumenata. Zagreb, Društveni dom Trešnjevka 1986 godine. FBI.

At the end of 70's Gotovac produced avant-garde film Glenn Miller (School Playground I), to whom Gotovac dedicated many of his performances. Many performances include the artist being naked in the public space, like "Action 100", from 1979 and "Laying Naked on the Asphalt and Kissing the Asphalt, Zagreb, I Love You" from 1981. One of the main problems that Gotovac had been dealing with is freedom of the individual in given space-time framework. Identifying life and art is also clear in the fact that Gotovac defines each decade of his life as art movement: 1956 -1967 Employment action, 1967 -1976 Art education action, 1976 -1986 Hair-cutting and shaving action, and the most important decade started in 1986 with the action Paranoia View Art (The art of paranoid view to the world) that forms a framework, a construct, a worldview that through a paranoid optic seeks to reinterpret political events, to position them within cause-and-consequence relations and to deconstruct the manipulation. "Everything is in supporting or negating the paranoia," says Gotovac. Paranoia View Art includes clear references to camp, kitsch, soc-realism, communism, torture, cliché, minimalism, irony, S/M, Hollywood, film and the term "directed by". In many of his performances Gotovac uses strong iconography of these terms, and he did the whole series of homage to J.B. Tito. His relation to American culture and fascination with American cinematography is quite specific. Although he did not travel to USA until middle 90's, he declared himself American artist active in Zagreb.

Autor: Tomislav Gotovac
Izdavač: Zagreb
Godina: 1986
Format: 19x11