Sanja Iveković: Marina Abramović

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Marina Abramović:
Originalni plakat za prvu veliku izložbu / performance Rhythm 2
Original poster for first big solo exhibition / performance Rhythm 2

Design Sanja Iveković.

Galerija suvremene umjetnosti 14.10.1974. godine.

High Quality Screen Print / visokokvalitetan sitotisak by Studio S

Stanje odlično / fine condition.
Very very rare and important

Among the posters designed by Sanja Iveković for the Gallery, certainly the most well-known is the one created for the exhibition of Marina Abramović in 1974, again characteristic for its unusual intervention into the rectangular shape of the poster, created by cutting the right lower corner of the poster. In this case, the intervention is not only a reflection on the specificity of the medium, but also a reference to the artistic practice of Marina Abramović. The radical intervention in the limits of the poster’s medium is related to the body art of the artist herself, whose artistic practice often involves reaching the limits of physical and psychological exertion.
Source: Marko Golub and Dejan Kršić