Rok 1-4 + Mixed Media

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Rok 1-4  Mixed Media. Komplet.
Rok 1 - Beograd 1969. godine. 22x22cm. Design Slobodan Mašić.
Rok 2 - Beograd 1969. godine. 22x22cm. Design Slobodan Mašić.
Rok 3 - Beograd, 1969. Oprema Branko Vučičević (ZMKS) 14x20cm
Rok 4a - Beograd, 1970. 21x20,5cm. Design Damnjan.

Bora Ćosić: Mixed Media. Design Branko Vučičević. Original edition, 1970. In mint conditions.

Periodical for literature and the aesthetic study of reality was published in Belgrade by blacklisted author Bora Ćosić, who announced that the magazines would fight against writing that increasingly took the wrong tack... by pleasing idividual and making happy. The first issue is in blue vinyl cover and dedicated to the slovenian avant garde, including OHO group. Rok is based on the ideas of mixed media. A magazines that was both and art magazine and a work of art. In the theoretical sense and in terms of concept, Rok was the pinnacle of Belgrade neo avantgarde, joining together, within the integral context of a magazine, experiments in literature, essay, poetry, painting and music, referencing international strategies of neo Dada and Fluxus. 

Rok magazine is in prestige list in Artists' Magazines: An Alternative Space for Art (The MIT Press) by Gwen Allen