Putevi (komplet)

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Putevi (komplet)
Godina prva: brojevi 1,2, 3-4-5.
Godina druga: brojevi 1, 2                                                           Beograd, 1922/1923.

Putevi: mesecne sveske za umetnost i filozofiju [Paths: Monthly for Literature and Philosophy]. Belgrade, 1922-24. 5 issues in-4°/ in-8°.
Complete collection.  
First edition. Original edition. Milan Dedinac & Dusan Timotijevic & Marko Ristic, editors. Illustrators-Sumanovic, Bijelic... 

Putevi was radical pre-surrealist magazine with most of the main protagonists of the movement contributing. Texts from Marko Ristic, Rasto Petrovic, Dusan Matic, Todor Manojlovic, Borsko Tokin, Aleksandar Vuco, Dusan Timotijevic, Milan Dedinac, Stanislav Vinaaver and others.