Otto Fenyvesi: Buzz off

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Buzz off! (1994, collages, visual poems, Veszprém). Numerirano, primjerak broj 72. Művészetek Háza. Kollázsok/Újvidék 1984 - Veszprém 1994.

Mađarski jezik.

Otto Fenyvesi (1954, Moholgunaras, Yugoslavia). Poet, writer, artist.
He studied philosophy at the University of Novi Sad (1973-1978). He became the member of the editorial board of the literary periodical, Új Symposion in 1975 which he, and his collegues were forced to leave in May 1983 due to political cleansing. He’d worked as a disc jockey at the Radio of Novi Sad for 15 years. He was employed as a journalist and assistant director at the local television station. He’d edited the rock column of a weekly magazine, Képes Ifjúság. In 1987 he became the editor of the literary programmes of the Radio of Novi Sad. He emigrated to Hungary (Veszprém) in November 1991. He worked for different newspapers, televisions and magazines. Since 2002 he is employed by the Northern Transdanubian Regional Centre of  the Hungarian Academy of Sciences as a field secretary. He is the editor in chief of the local literary periodical, VÁR UCCA MŰHELY in Veszprém.

Autor: Otto Fenyvesi
Izdanje: prvo / first
Uvez: meki
Format: 18x25
Stranica: 48