Miljenko Horvat: Gorgona 7

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Josip Vaništa edition; Miljenko Horvat, Gorgona No. 7

Screenprinted cover and two gelatin silver prints.

This edition of Gorgona contains 2 original (anti)photographs taken in Denmark. 

Photographs are identical, presenting two different stages of photographic development. 

In December 2011 featured at New York's MOMA (The new art practice - Scenes from Zagreb). 

Very rare. Copy 10/100. 

21 x 19 cm

The Gorgona Group was a Croatian avant-garde art group which consisted of artists and art historians: Dimitrije Bašičević-Mangelos, Miljenko Horvat, Marijan Jevšovar, Julije Knifer, Ivan Kožarić, Matko Meštrović, Radoslav Putar, Đuro Seder, Josip Vaništa, operated along the lines of anti-art in Zagreb between 1959 and 1966. Beside individual works linked to traditional techniques, the members proposed different concepts and forms of artistic communication and published the anti-magazine Gorgona - 11 issues.

Autor: Miljenko Horvat
Izdavač: Josip Janišta
Izdanje: prvo
Godina: 1965
Format: 19x21
Stranica: 4