Josip Stošić: Đerdan

400,00 €

Josip Stošić: Đerdan

Prvo izdanje / First edition

Prohibited by Law / Very Rare

Printed in 333 numbered copies 229/333


Condition - very good

Format: 20x14 cm

Broj stranica: 106
Uvez: meki
Godina izdanja: 1951
Izdavač: Vlastita naklada 

Josip Stosic was born in Zagreb in 1935. He graduated from the Faculty of Arts in Zagreb in 1963. He worked at the Institute for History of Art (early Christian, Medieval and Renaissance art in Croatia). He specifically researched the cathedral in Dubrovnik and the parish church in Čazma. In 1951, as a high school student, Stosic self-published Đerdan (Necklace), the first book of concrete poetry in the former Yugoslavia. His poetry was prohibited the same year. Stosic's art practice included concrete poetry, visual structure of words mounted on boards, and the interaction of objects and words ("A", 1969; Premetaljka (Word Puzzle), 1971). Josip Stosic died in 2009 in Zagreb (source: Avantgarde Museum, Zagreb)