Ivan Picelj: Soto

10.000,00 kn

Ivan Picelj: Soto
Plakat za izložbu "Soto"
Galerijia suvremene umjetnosti, Zagreb, 1970. godine.
Sitotisak / Silkprint
Plakat izveden u 3 boje na bijelom papiru (plava, crna, siva). Plakat je horizontalno podijeljen u 2 dijela. Veća, gornja površina pravokutnika je plave boje a u vrhu je upisano naziv izložbe i podaci. Donji sivi pravokutnik je manji, unutar njega se nalaze dva izdužena pravokutnika crno plave boje. I plavi i sivi pravokutnik uokvireni su crnom linijom.

Jesús-Rafael Soto, Venezuelan-born French artist (born July 5, 1923, Ciudad Bolívar, Venez.—died Jan. 17, 2005, Paris, France), attached himself to avant-garde modernism immediately after World War II and by the late 1960s had become known as a leader in optical and kinetic art, with works that were remarkable for their illusions of sensory vibrations. He lived in Caracas before immigrating in 1950 to Paris. There his works were shown in a number of groundbreaking exhibits, notably in 1955 as part of the group “Le Mouvement” show, which included works by Marcel Duchamp and Viktor Vasarely. For Spiral with Red, the centrepiece of that exhibit, Soto used a layering effect on painted geometric shapes that had an illusory effect on viewers as they passed by. Soto’s experiments with the perception of movement led him to build much larger sculptural works that invited viewers to walk through, beginning with his Pénétrables series. He constructed enormous outdoor exhibits, some of which were public commissions. Soto exhibited widely in Europe, particularly from the mid-1960s to the mid-1970s, when he was at the peak of his career. He remained active into the 21st century.