Goran Trbuljak: Referendum (ne)

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Goran Trbuljak: Referendum (ne) Zagreb, 1972.
Umjetnik je onaj kome drugi za to dadu priliku
Da li je Goran Trbuljak umjetnik ili ne
14,5x9,5 cm
Referendumski listić. Potpisan.
Odgovor ne: 22/209(ne). 1.7.1972. Potpis G. Trbuljak
Između dva stakla. Sa metalnim kvačicama sa strane.
Opremljeno od umjetnika u vremenu nastanka (1972.).

Goran Trbuljak is definitely an artist, and he has the confirmation of public opinion to prove it. In 1974, he took a Referendum on the main street of Zagreb, Ilica Street, asking passersby to respond to the question: “Is Goran Trbuljak an artist or not?” They could choose from the following answers: 1. Yes 2. No. The results showed that the majority of those who responded considered him to be an artist, therefore he concluded that an “artist is the person who is given the opportunity to be one by the others.”