Mangelos: A (Edition a) 6

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Artist Book, nonstories Mangelos.

Jedan list, presavijen dva puta. Raširen, u formatu 16x47,8 cm. Sklopljen, format 16x16 cm.

Godine 1968. Ivan Picelj je pokrenuo ediciju "a". Sveukupno je publicirano sedam brojeva. Ova edicija, Mangelos, je broj 6.

Tiskano u sitotisku / Silkprint

Primjerci a6 su i u fundusu Tate Modern i MoMa. Stanje - odlično, kao novo.

One sheet (size 16x47,8 Cm unfolded) folded twice. Printed in silkscreen. Dimitrije Basicevic Mangelos (1921-1987), t member of avangarde group Gorgona and participated in the Nove tendencije movement. Ivan Picelj (Okucani, 1924 - Zagreb 2011) a world-renowned artist and a graphic designer, one of the founders of Exat 51 group and Nove tendencije, exhibited in numerous European countries (often in the Denise Rene Gallery, Paris) and in the USA. In 1962 he launched Edition ''a'' and published it himself. A total of seven issues were published up to 1964. This issue of ''a'' is No. 6.

Like Gorgona, each issue of A featured the work of one artist. The editor Ivan Picelj, a prolific designer and artist based in Zagreb, was a founding member of the Exat 51 group in the 1950s and an important figure in the New Tendencies movement of the 1960s. The issues of A consist of contributions by artists and designers directly involved in these movements.- MoMa.

Autor: Dimitrije Bašičević Mangelos
Izdavač: Ivan Picelj, Zagreb
Izdanje: prvo / first
Godina: 1964
Format: 16x16
Stranica: 6