Bob Allen, Lloyd Bradley, Keith Briggs...: Jazz: The Complete Story

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Title: Jazz: The Complete Story
Authors: Bob Allen, Lloyd Bradley, Keith Briggs, Leila Cobo, Cliff Douse, James Hale,     Todd Jenkins, Howard Mandel, Kenny Mathieson, John McDonough, Bill Milkowski,     Carry Mulholland, Steve Nallon, Douglas J. Noble, Ed Potton, William Schafer
    Publisher: Flame Tree Publishing Co Ltd
    Release: 2007
    Format: Paperback (color)
    Pages: 533
    Size: 769 Mb

A comprehensive Jazz history with lots of great pictures! Rooted in the music of the blues, and born in New Orleans, jazz emerged as one of the greatest art forms of the twentieth century. From the earthy sounds of Kid Ory and Louis Armstrong to the avant-garde expressions of today's artists, this book covers all the great players that had a vision for their individual sound. Packed with hundreds of atmospheric photos, this traces the history of the genre and provides fascinating insight into the music and its landscape. A good read with pictures throughout. Import. ~ Edited by Julia Rolf.

Autor: Bob Allen, Lloyd Bradley, Keith Briggs...
Izdavač: Flame Tree Publishing
Izdanje: prvo / first
Godina: 2007
Uvez: meki
Format: 17x16
Stranica: 533