Zofka Kveder: Misterij žene

1.500,00 kn

Zofka Kveder: Misterij žene

Prag, 1900. Vlastita naklada.

Tisak Emanuel Stivin

Zbirka priča. 

Prvo izdanje. 20,5x19 cm. 58 sranic na trvđem, kvalitetnijem papiru. 

Vrlo rijetko u ponudi.

Naslovnica i vinjete E. Nor.

U vrlo korektnom antikvarnom stanju, neke stranice odvojene od knjižnog bloka. 

Zofka Kveder a central figure in the ex Yugoslavia women’s rights movement. Moreover, she established many contacts with feminists from various countries of Central and South-East Europe. 

By the year 1900, she already made it to Prague, where she published her literary debut The Mystery of a Woman. She depicted violence against women within the proletariat, but also more subtle mechanisms of constraint, such as those of middle-class pre-arranged marriages. Her images of proletarian women, prostitutes, and emancipated women who didn’t want to deny their own sexuality upset her contemporaries. Even though there is a number of artistic modes of expression in the texts many of her male and female contemporaries denied the collection artistic value.