Vilko Ziljak: 62-CM-24-MY-1975

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Vilko Žiljak: 62-CM-24-MY-1975 / Digitalni trenutak u bojama
Zagreb, 1975.
Signed and numbered
57 X 76,5 cm  
Edition 2/10
High Quality Screen Print / visokokvalitetan sitotisak

Digital Art

In (New) Tendencies 5 (1973), Vilko Ziljak exhibited ASCCI photographs, i.e. digital printouts.

The graphics of the series are based on the same programmes which he wrote for his professional activities in various companies in the early 1970s – that is, for technical applications. He uses artistic computer graphics exclusively for abstract portrayals and regards these as an analogy to music.

Vilko Ziljak has been involved with computer graphics, among other things he was a programmer of geographical maps. In Croatia, Ziljak is a pioneer in the fields of computer graphics and typography, mathematical models as well as simulations and visual research aided by computers. Since the early 1980s he has also produced films and computer-aided animations. Born 1946 in Sveti Ivan Zelina, Croatia. Studied electrical engineering at the Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Computing at the University of Zagreb (Ph.D. 1981). From 1999 professor of graphic technology and head of the department of typography and computer graphics at the Faculty of Graphic Art at the University in Zagreb.