Irena Frantal: Not Sure

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Irena Frantal: NOT SURE
Artist book, 2016. Size: closed 20 x 21 cm, Text by the author; english language Intervention with cut or stenciled text into two sewn-together found brochures . Original unique artist book Handmade by artist

Part of the series Texts outside the context (2016): "I observe my texts outside the context of my books. I take found material as a base. I collect brochures, catalogues, flyers.. All with a certain visual language. I intervene by cutting in or painting the text. I want to see what happens to the text "thrown" into a foreign environment. Where does the text belong to? ..."

Irena Frantal, rođena u Zagrebu. Diplomirala na zagrebačkoj ALU 2004. te specijalizirala umjetnost knjige u Londonu, (MA Book Arts, University of the Arts London, 2010).Primarni medij umjetničkog izraza joj je knjiga. Izlaže samostalno i grupno, te vodi radionice iz umjetnosti knjige


Irena Frantal is an artist from Zagreb where she graduated from the Academy of Fine Arts in 2004. In 2010 she obtained her masters degree in Book Arts from the University of the Arts London. Her art medium is a book. She exhibits and runs workshops in book arts.