Delivery is made no later than seven days after the purchase.

Shipping costs:
Croatia: free
Others: 17 euro

Delivery is made by courier or post. Prices apply to a one-time amount of up to five (5) books or items for the territory of Croatia. For large overseas orders, please send us your inquiry. You can also pick up the bought items personally in Zagreb or at another agreed location.

Complaints are valid if made within seven days after the delivery. For all complaints, please send us an e-mail about the reason for your complaint. Each complaint will be answered within seven days. If the buyer notices visible damages to the delivered items when receiving them, the buyer shall immediately file a complaint with the post office worker who delivered them or refuse to take them. We shall accept the complaint if the ordered and paid items are not the same as the delivered items or if the condition specified in the item description, scans or photographs is not the same as the condition of the delivered items. We send all the bought items by mail or courier, maximally protected in a box or envelope with air cushions to prevent any damage in shipment.