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New arrivals - Art

Bruno Munari: the MC 1 Architecture Box

Bruno Munari: the MC 1 Architecture Box Originally produced in 1945, the MC 1 Architecture Box - New Edition contains a series of “bricks” of different shapes. Put together differently, you can make any number of buildings, from houses to churches, ancient castles to modern garages, hotels, skyscrapers, factories, towers, aqueducts, temples, stations, hangars, pile dwellings, houses with porticoes, balconies, terraces, and so on. The attached booklet contains over sixty examples which can be multiplied by the imagination of whoever is playing with them, just some of the infinite constructions that can be build. The MC 1 Architecture Box - New Edition is made of cardboard. This new edition features “bricks” made of unhewn beechwood. Dimension: 43.0 x 13.0 cm Languages: Italian and English texts 1st edition: 10/2018 Edition: 10/2018 Corraini Editions, Mantova / Italy
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Duro Seder

Đuro Seder Zagreb, 1973. godine 50x70 cm High Quality Screen Print / visokokvalitetan sitotisak
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Goran Trbuljak: Boltanski / Messager

Goran Trbuljak: Christian Boltanski – Annette Messager Plakat za izložbu Galerija suvremene umjetnosti Zagreb, 1975. godine 50x70 cm High Quality Screen Print / visokokvalitetan sitotisak
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Ivan Picelj: Knifer

Ivan Picelj: Knifer High Quality Screen Print / visokokvalitetan sitotisak 50x70 cm Galerija suvremene umjetnosti zagreb katarinin trg 2 24.11-13.12.1970. Bijela podloga, crni meandar. Gore tekst u tisku plave.
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Josip Vaništa: Gorgona 1

Josip Vaništa: Gorgona 1 Zagreb, 1961. Periodical with screenprint cover and relief half-tone prints Dimensions: page (each): 8 1/4 x 7 5/8" (21 x 19.3 cm) Josip Vaništa, the group's founder, conceived the first issue, which consisted of the same photograph of an empty shop window reproduced on each of its nine pages.
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Juraj Dobrovic

Juraj Dobrović Polje / Field Zagreb, 1965. Silkscreen Edition E.A. 48,5 x 48 cm Signed in pencil lower right.
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Maj 75 C

Maj 75, broj C, 1979; Darivoj Čada, Jovan Čekić, Boris Demur, Željko Jerman, Vlado Martek, Željko Kipke, Mladen Stilinović, Sven Stilinović, Fedor Vučemilović 21 x 29,5 cm Maj 75 is in prestige list in Artists' Magazines: An Alternative Space for Art (The MIT Press) by Gwen Allen From 1978 to 1984, seventeen issues of “May’75” were published, each issue coded by letters of the alphabet. The magazine was produced by assembling individual works. The artists made their own pages on A4 paper and then bound them together into a magazine format. In addition to the original six, over fifty artists from Ex-Yugoslavia, Germany, Ex-Czechoslovakia, and Italy amongst other countries were invited to contribute their work to the magazine. Each issue including original art work, ready made artwork, ciclostile print work or silkscreen work, texts, concepts, projects, attitudes, ironical and political opinions, collages and photographs which lost almost nothing of their original quality when reproduced or multiplied. Pages were occasionally reproduced by screenprinting in the workshop of Željko Jerman and Vlasta Delimar. Most pages however, were hand-made. By repeating the same, simple and quickly executed work, the artist diminishes the significance of the original. Issues of “Maj’75” with their spontaneous use of available materials and technologies are obviously there to be used and handled, and although they are full of original works, there is nothing of a deluxe edition about them. “Maj’75”, financed by the artists themselves, was usually handed out for free during the exhibition-actions to other artists, friends, critics or passers-by. Later, when the Group of Six Artists no longer exhibited on the streets, distribution was usually managed through personal contacts and through mail. The magazine was never sold through bookstores or in galleries, not because its authors did not want this, but because it was impossible. Each private enterprise was met with countless obstacles in communist countries. “Maj’75” was thus completely unofficial. This had one advantage in that it avoided censorship, but also a drawback, in that the magazine remained little known outside a narrow circle. Branka Stipančić
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Mangelos: manifest o impresionizmu

Mangelos: manifest o impresionizmu (in Croatian), 1977. High Quality Screen Print / visokokvalitetan sitotisak 84 x 52 cm (33 1/8" x 20 1/2") Mangelos: manifest o impresionizmu silknprint on paper. Zagreb 1977. Produced as part of a gallery show in Zagreb that featured his manifesto work. Mangelos. Manifesti: noart. Zagreb: Atelier Tošo Dabac, 1978.
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New arrivals - Literature

The Adventures of The Five Little Roosters Company

Aleksandar Vučo: Podvizi družine "Pet petlića" / The Adventures of The Five Little Roosters Company. Predgovor, naslovna strana, kolaži i objašnjenja od Dušana Matića. Nadrealistička Izdanja, Beograd, 1933. First edition. In original illustrated green wrappers, printed in red and black. 5 plates of photocollages. including photomontages and explanations
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Dinko Simunovic: Alkar

Dinko Šimunović: Alkar Zagreb 1933. Tvrdi uvez, platno, sa zlatotiskom 100pp 19x25,5 cm. U odličnom stanju. Dinko Šimunović (Knin, 1873. - Zagreb, 1933.) Hrvatski književnik. Jedan od vodećih autora hrvatske moderne. Alkar je prvi put objavljen 1908. u Savremeniku, a prvo je izdanje objavljeno 1922. u Beogradu. Teško bolestan, Šimunović je 1933. ležao u bolnici u Zagrebu, a grupa istaknutih umjetnika tog doba pokrenula je objavljivanje posebnog izdanja Alkara. Poprsje Dinka Šimunovića za ovo izdanje rad je Ivana Meštovića. Ilustracije su radili Vilko Gecan, Joza Kljaković, Fran Kršinić, Omer Mujadžić, Vanaj Radauš i Marijan Trepše. Umjetnička oprema omota rad je Vladimir Kirina. Tipografija je besplatno tiskala knjigu a pomoć kod izrade i prodaje su pružili Knjižara St. Kugli, Zemaljska tiskara, Knjižara Vasić, Industrija Papira te Jutarnji list i Nova Evropa. Predgovor ovom izdanju napisao je Vladimir Nazor. Samo nekoliko primjeraka ove knjige vlastoručno su potpisali: Dinko Šimunovic, Ivan Meštrovic, Vilko Gecan, Joza Kljaković, Fran Kršinić, Omer Mujadžić, Vanja Radauš, Marijan Trepše, Vladimir Kirin, Vladimir Nazor, Milan Čurcin i Josip Horvat
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Razgovori s Miroslavom Krlezom

Predrag Matvejević: Razgovori s Miroslavom Krležom S potpisom Miroslava Krleže Prvo izdanje. Naprijed, Zagreb, 1969. godine. 13x20cm 178pp meki uvez s ovitkom Likovna oprema Slavo Marig. Tekstovi djelimično potcrtavani. U vrlo dobrom antikvarnom stanju,
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Ivo Andric: Na Drini cuprija

Na Drini ćuprija. S potpisom dobitnika Nobelove nagrade za književnost. Prosveta, Beograd - Mladost, Zagreb - Svjetlost, Sarajevo 1963. Ćirilica. Potpis je na latinici, datiran godinom - 1964. Lijepo, luksuznije izdanje, tvrdi uvez - koža, iz edicije Sabranih djela, 1963. godine. Stanje - odlično. Autor: Ivo Andrić Izdavač: Prosveta - Mladost - Svjetlost Izdanje: posebno Godina: 1963 Uvez: tvrdi - koža“ Format: 14x20
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